Learning about Sustainability & Operational Excellence

TSSI offers sustainability learning programs in partnership with Tank Terminal Training. All courses below are available as public, in-house, or online learning program which can be conducted at your location and preferred schedule. For the complete list of all learning programs on tank terminal storage management and sustainability, you may visit the Tank Terminal Training website.

Sustainability for Tank Storage and Refineries

This highly interactive and practical workshop will assist bulk liquid marine storage terminals in achieving a competitive advantage by having an effective and well-managed operation. This will ensure your operational processes and workforce perform at the highest standards and expectations, achieving maximum sustainability. The program will empower attendees to recognise and to address both the intended and the unintended consequences of decision making, thus reducing complexity and risk.


Take any Tank Terminal Training's learning program at the convenience of your home or your workplace. Similar to a face-to-face training, participants will be able to actively interact with the trainer and other participants that are part of the class.

In-house & Customized Training

In learning, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. We understand that organizations have different needs and they require specific information and customized solutions and guidance which can be implemented in their organizations.