Sustainability Reporting

What is Sustainability?

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The most important question we seek to answer is: ‘how can tank storage terminals and refineries sustain themselves in a VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) and are not harming life, the environment, and social cohesion?

Because we understand our planet as a living system which depend on interrelated networks, we use and need feedback (information) to verify and test sustainability. This knowledge allows organisations to understand that disorder in the form of unsustainability is inevitable if their foundation is not adaptive to change. We have to understand organisations as complex,  adaptive organisations of communication and integrated and coherently functioning systems.   Their long term existence depends on the connectivity and interaction of all activities and relationships. Enhanced sustainability is the way to be sustained for the long term. Regulators and governments demand more compliance to an ever growing number of rules and laws are deemed necessary to protect life and the environment, but can they be sustainable when they would have to be enforced? The criteria to sustain something can be listed as follows; an organisation needs to be viable. Its products or services must not be harmful to life, the environment and social cohesion. So, viability can be understood as sustainability too. Something that can’t live on, is considered non-viable thus unsustainable.

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