Tank Storage Sustainability Initiative (TSSI)

TSSI is a research, development, training and coordination center servicing the marine tank storage and refining industries, based in Switzerland.

Tasks & Goals of TSSI

  • Research, measurement and mapping of your sustainability and viability
  • Political, social and environmental representation
  • Assuring social licensing to continue operations until energy transition is completed
  • Assistance with, advise on or writing your Sustainability Report
  • Search for alternative, viable and sustainable bulk liquids and substances through biomimicry, technology, humanities and systems sciences
  • Providing information on studies into alternative energies: solar, hydro, wind, geothermal or hydrogen storage, and distribution methods
  • Education, information, training and awareness programs for members and non- members, the public, governments, schools in cooperation with University of Business and International Studies (UBIS) in Geneva: CSR, Sustainable Governance & Systemic Management Courses

What we offer

TSSI has been formed to assist you.  In this time of energy transition towards a hydrocarbon free future, our industries are required to perform in a responsible and therefore sustainable manner. 


You may download the self-assessment sustainability test and verify your current  sustainability status.

Research & Reporting

TSSI offers to assist our members by taking over and writing their yearly sustainability reports.


TSSI offers sustainability learning programs in partnership with Tank Terminal Training. 


Where we started

TSSI was launched at the 2020 StocExpo conference in Rotterdam where speakers presented their ideas on sustainable tank storage.

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